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Q1 – Do all mats come with safety beveled edges?

Yes, safety beveled edges can be attached to all products.

Q2 – Do your mats come in custom made sizes?

Yes, most products can be custom made to size. Please contact us for more information on custom sizing.

Q3 – Does your matting come in different colours?

Yes, we have many products in our range that are available in multiple colours.

Q4 – Do you provide a deliver service for your matting products?

Yes, we do deliver direct to site. We can also deliver direct to your customer with your own personalised delivery docket attached.

Q5 – Are you able to send out matting samples or provide a sample mat to trial?

Yes, we do send out samples upon request. If required, we are happy to send out a mat for trail, too.

Q6 – How long do your mats last for, and do your products have a warranty?

Most of our products are designed for heavy traffic use and are extremely durable. Most of our products do come with a warranty; its duration will depend on the specific product.

Q7 – Are your products Australian made?

Yes, we do have Australian made quality products in our range. One of these products is Power Pod, which is manufactured onsite in our factory.

Q8 – Do you sell any other products other than matting?

Yes, we do sell a wide range of various additional matting related products, ie stair nosings, aluminium diminishing strips and frames, platforms, custom made ramps and electrical safety matting equipment. These items can be found in the Special Purpose Matting and Matting Accessories categories here on our website.