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Anti – Static and Electrical Matting

Anti – Static mats allow static electricity, built up in the body, to discharge harmlessly through the earthed mat and are also an important product to help avoid damage to sensitive equipment in computerised machinery from static build up. We have a mat for every electrical matting solution.



The Anti Stat King mat is an good quality anti – fatigue mat in it’s own right and will reduce worker’s fatigue.


An ideal electrical insulating mat. Hard wearing, non-slip and can be easily swept clean.


Grounding Snap Kit and Grounding Cord available.Superb Anti Fatigue.


This is the newest version of high performance non-conductive matting.

Why use antistatic mats?

In short, the purpose of rubber mats for electrical safety is to quickly drain static electricity from workers before they can pass it onto sensitive equipment (such as computers, cash registers or anything else with a computer chip). One shock can destroy micro-processors or even cause a major fire if the workers were to come into contact with flammable chemicals.

What are the benefits?

The use of static mats in Melbourne will offer a number of benefits, including:

Lowers Risk of Hypersensitivity

An anti static mat can lower the chances of hypersensitivity occurring, which arises when touching a device over a long period of time.

Prevention of Static Buildup

If you’ve ever given yourself a shock by touching something grounded, you’ll know that excess static buildup isn’t fun.

Anti Fatigue Properties

Our electrical safety matting provides many of the same benefits as our anti fatigue matting, allowing workers to be on their feet for longer.

Protection for Devices

Static electricity is known to cause system corruption and premature hardware failure; an anti static mat can help you to avoid this.

Keeps Warranty Intact

If your computer or other device has come into contact with electrostatic discharge, your warranty is automatically voided.

Protection for Workers

The higher the voltage the more harmful an electric shock is to our bodies. Static electricity ranks relatively low, but a shock is still unpleasant.