Building and Construction    Building and Construction

Bardwell Safety Matting has been an important partner in the building and construction industry for many years. Whether it be “Aluminium Angles”, “Diminishing Strips” or “Recess Mats”, we are always here to help. Mats cut to a specific size are for the building industry are completed on a daily basis.

About Building and Construction

Types of Matting Used

Enviro Ramp – External and internal entries.

Entrance Matting – Building main entrances, mat wells and walkways.

Aluminium Angle Frames – Mat wells.

Aluminium Diminishing Strips – Entrances, ramps etc.

Acoustic Matting – Noise attenuation between building floors and levels.

Stair-Nosing – Staircase steps and entries.

Dust Control Matting – To minimise dust transportation and soiled floors.

Our Matting Range

Bardwell Safety Matting are constantly meeting the demands of the building and construction industry at short notice. If it is possible to do it, we will do it. We are mindful always to observe safety regulations.

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