Non-Slip Mats


Did you know that slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of workplace accidents? From polished surfaces and dirt to liquid spills, the culprits are numerous. Fortunately, the dangers can be easily reduced through the introduction of non-slip rubber matting.

It can be placed in any area of the workplace, from entrances and major thoroughfares to specific workstations and bathrooms - wherever a slippery surface is likely to be encountered.

Why Use Slip Resistant Mats?

We don't want to just minimise hazards in the workplace - we want to eliminate them whenever possible. A non-slip mat in Melbourne can be used indoors or outdoors (note that some are only suitable for one application or the other) to provide adequate grip in all conditions.

Our solutions are suitable for any area, including kitchens, swimming pools, changing areas, around industrial equipment, bars, washing up areas and food processing, walkways and outside areas, and tile or ceramic flooring.

All slip-proof mats offer bevelled edges to further prevent serious accidents from occurring, and we have a range of solutions and textured surfaces available to increase traction and grip, even in wet environments.

Benefits of Slip Resistant Mats

Non-slip rubber matting in Melbourne offers a number of benefits that workers and employers alike will be able to enjoy, including:

  • Reduced occurrence of injury
  • Anti-fatigue properties (such as cushioning)
  • Avoids costly lawsuits
  • Ease of cleaning

With a range of styles, sizes, and colours available, rest assured that your rubber grip mat will be a perfect match for your workplace and intended application.

Indoor & outdoor mats Indoor & outdoor mats
Custom-made with bevelled edges Custom-made with bevelled edges
Non-slip textured surface Non-slip textured surface
Lots of grip & traction under foot Lots of grip & traction under foot


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What widths and lengths do non-slip mats come in?

Our slip resistant floor mats in Melbourne are supplied in a variety of standard widths and lengths. We can also custom make mats according to the specifications of your intended location and application; please contact us for more information on this service.

Can slip-proof mats in Melbourne be supplied in large rolls?

Yes, they can be. We're able to supply a non-slip mat roll up to 30 metres in length. This can be particularly useful when dealing with walkways and other more open areas that require more coverage to prevent slips and eliminate hazards.

What colours are available?

Our products are available in an assortment of colours, including those that are specific to safety or even to match your brand colours. Please see individual products for more information or contact Bardwell Matting for further advice.

Are non-slip mats suitable for internal or external applications?

Theyt're suitable for both, depending on the product selected. We offer non-slip outdoor mats that will not deteriorate in the weather (like rain, frost, and snow), and we also offer solutions that are more suitable for indoor applications (like wet or even greasy areas).

Do non-slip mats improve cleanliness?

Yes, they can. Some environments (such as kitchens) are more prone to spillages and grime, which has an overall impact on the cleanliness of your workplace. Our mats are resistant to such spillages, helping to keep the workplace always looking its best.

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