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Food Processing

All managers at firms in the food service industry know the importance of anti – slip and anti – fatigue matting. Bardwell Safety Matting specialize in food production matting and we can meet all of your institutional and food processing area needs.


We have identified that matting for this industry needs to have good anti – fatigue and non – slip qualities, impervious to all animal fats, oils, acids, chlorines and solvents and it needs to be lightweight, hygienic, easy to clean, roll up and handle. We have the perfect solution from one of the many food grade products from our range:

  • Anti – Fatigue matting – Standing work stations, platforms.
  • Non – Slip matting – Slippery and wet walkways.
  • Sanitization Foot Baths – Non – contamination, hygienic areas.
  • Grease Proof matting –Greasy and oily areas.
  • Entrance Matting – Factory to office.


Tests have shown that employees working in a safe and comfortable environment can increase productivity by 5%. Anti – Fatigue matting reduces the level of fatigue and discomfort in the workplace by as much as 50%. Our goal is to reduce slips and falls and to provide matting to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace.

Entrymaster Classic

Rubber-reinforced face nubs and a waffle surface design provide crush-proof scraping action.

Launderable Mat

UV resistant, colour fast to washing and can be processed at high temperatures without fear of cross-staining.

Power Pod

Product is extremely soft, lightweight and durable, ensuring that it will meet your application with ease.

Comfort Flow

Ideal for use in kitchens and bar areas, food processing areas, machine shops and other heavy industrial applications.

Vyna Grip

Extreamly hardwearing and maintenance free. Chemical and oil resistant and easy to clean.

Ortho Stand

Ortho Stand is impervious to most chemicals, petroleum product and animal fats.

Hospitality Mat

Ideal for kitchens, behind bars, restaurants, cafes, assembly lines and checkout counters.

Ribbed Scraper

Ideal for kitchens, bars, entrances to production areas, locker rooms and all heavy traffic areas.