Matting Accessories

Often an afterthought, various accessories are needed to correctly install your mat and ensure the job is finished properly. Bardwell Matting offers a wide range of mat accessories that are compatible with our matting products, and that will help you complete your project with style.

Browse our range of matting accessories for yourself, from stair nosing and cable protectors to parking kerbs and spill barriers. Looking for something specific? Get in touch with us today.

Accessories for Improved Safety & Accessibility

While mats do a fantastic job at keeping workers and visitors safe in your workplace, they're not always enough - particularly when other hazards, like stairs and roads, are present. Our range of accessories is designed to enhance safety in your workplace by making things like the edges of stairs and differences in floor height more noticeable.

Many of our matting accessories can also be used to improve accessibility in your workplace, making it easier for those in wheelchairs or who have reduced mobility to navigate. Cable protectors eliminate potential tripping hazards, whilst wedges can be used to help wheelchairs move between differences in floor height with ease.

Products supplied for specific needs Products supplied for specific needs
Standard sizes in-stock Standard sizes in-stock
Custom-madesizes to order Custom-madesizes to order
Australia-wide delivery Australia-wide delivery


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Are all accessories made to size?

Ultimately, this depends on the accessory. Many are available in a range of standard sizes (that will suit most workplaces and applications), but if you're looking for an unusual size, we can custom make mat accessories to suit.

Are your matting accessories ready for use?

Yes, most of the products in our range are supplied ready for immediate use. Some will need to be assembled or installed; instructions will be provided. Please see individual product pages for more information on whether assembly or installation is required.

Are accessories in-stock at Bardwell Matting or do they need to be ordered in?

Most products are kept in-stock at our warehouse, meaning that they can be supplied quickly. It is important to note that custom made orders will take a little longer; the expected turnaround time will be provided when your order is placed.

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