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Pool Mats

The supply of swimming pool mats and change room matting requires a lot of experience, knowledge of the industry and expertise to provide the correct product and advice. Bardwell Safety Matting have been supplying to pools for more than twenty years. We have the largest range of pool matting and supply to some of the largest pool centres in Australia. We can answer all the questions of swimming pool anti slip matting.


For major pool centres, suburban leisure centres and school sport centre pools the most important product checklist is a pool deck mat that provides plenty of grip and traction under foot, be light weight, and impervious to chlorine, acids and solvents. One of the products in our range Power Pod is not only chemical resistant, it is also 80% lighter than any other product on the market.

  • Non – Slip matting – Pool decks, change rooms, shower cubicles.
  • Anti - Fatigue matting – Pool decks, Pool Reception counter, lifeguard station.
  • Entrance Matting – Building main entrances, change room and pool entries.


We manufacture Power Pod matting onsite and distribute many other pool mats in Melbourne. Power Pod non – slip, and anti – fatigue matting has proved to be the perfect solution for slippery surfaces in wet areas, particularly pool decks and change rooms. Power Pod and many of our other pool matting products, not only answer all the questions required of anti slip mats for pools, they are also very stylish, attractive and will enhance and compliment the appearance of any pool.

Power Pod

Manufactured in our very own facility, these laboratory mats in Melbourne are revolutionary – both in their design and their concept.

Entrymaster Classic

Rubber-reinforced face nubs and a waffle surface design provide crush-proof scraping action.

Launderable Mat

UV resistant, colour fast to washing and can be processed at high temperatures without fear of cross-staining.


Aquamaster is a wet area interlocking mat ideal for swimming pools, showers, spas, saunas and change rooms.

Flexi Rib

The self-draining system makes Flexi Rib the ideal safety matting for all sports and leisure surroundings.

Tubular Vynalite Matting

Designed for showers, swimming pools, saunas & spas, hotels, bars, boats, hospitals, restaurants and laundries.