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Building and office mats have changed radically in recent decades. Workers are now constantly on the move and often stand for hours on end in today’s work environment. More and more firms are moving to standing computer desks and other innovations designed to increase the amount of movement workers get during the day. Offices also still require entrance and non – slip matting for hallways, entrances, foyers and other walkways.

About Office Mats

Types of Matting Used

Bardwell Safety Matting can provide a wide assortment of building and office mats in Melbourne for the following types of products:

Ergonomic mats – Sit Stand desks.

Entrance matting – Main entrances and foyers.

Entrance Runners – Hallways and walkways.

Logo matting – Front entrance with corporate branding or greeting.

Anti – Static matting – Computer equipment and print rooms.

Our Matting Range

Bardwell Safety Matting goal is to supply your building or office with matting products that are highly functional but also to fit out your office with matting that looks great while ensuring that your workers are safe and comfortable.

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