Gym & Playground Mats

Providing adequate cushioning in a commercial gym or playground is a must for avoiding injury and ensuring user comfort. We supply a range of rubber flooring mats for gyms and playgrounds that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications at fitness centres, daycares, schools, and more.

This matting can withstand the pressures that such environments pose with ease, from excessive wear and tear to weathering.

Benefits of Playground & Gym Mats

Some of the many benefits associated with gym and playground matting includes:

  • Improved safety (as matting is softer than the ground, so it can help to avoid injury).
  • Improved durability (whether you're dropping heavy weights or having hundreds of kids run across the surface, the mats will continue looking their best).
  • Handicap accessibility (other playground surfaces, such as mulch and gravel, aren't as friendly for those in wheelchairs to use).
  • Low odour (products that are suitable for indoor use have been designed to be low odour, preventing the space from becoming overwhelmed with smells).
  • Sound resistance (gyms and playgrounds can be noisy places; our matting can help to absorb some of that noise for a more pleasant environment).

On top of this, matting designed for outdoor use is resistant to weathering (including water, sun, and even extreme temperature variations).

Self-Assembly or Installation

Our playground rubber matting can either be self-assembled onsite, or we can arrange for a Bardwell Matting team member to handle the installation for you.

Installation is a popular option for larger playground areas, as it can be quite time consuming to lock all the pieces together. It also provides peace of mind that the matting has been installed correctly, as the last thing you want is an accident or incident to occur that leaves someone injured.

Please note that our Wet Pour Recycled Tyre Crumb Matting does need to be professionally installed; see the product page for more information.

Hardwearing recycled rubber Hardwearing recycled rubber
Designed for exercising & freeweights Designed for exercising & freeweights
High load-bearing, for high intensity activities High load-bearing, for high intensity activities
Self-assembly or installation for playground mats Self-assembly or installation for playground mats


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Can playground and commercial gym mats be made in different colours?

Yes, they can. We have a range of standard colours available, but if you're after a specific colour let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate. Playgrounds, especially, tend to be brightly coloured rather than black and grey.

Can rubber matting for playgrounds and gyms be made to size?

Yes, some products can be. While some mats are designed to be modular for self-assembly, others can be custom-made to size and even installed onsite for you. If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch with our helpful team.

Are these mats suitable for indoor or outdoor applications?

Yes, we have products that will suit either application (and some that will suit both). If you're unsure whether your desired product is suited for the application you have in mind, please see the individual product page or get in touch for further advice.

Are the mats made from eco-friendly materials?

Many of the playground and commercial gym mats in our range are made from hardwearing recycled rubber, which is a more environmentally friendly choice. If you really want a sustainable option, we recommend our Wet Pour Recycled Tyre Crumb Matting.

Will I be able to use my gym or playground matting straightaway?

It's important to remember that there's a curing process to ensure that the matting is secure, so do not walk on or use the surface until this process is complete. We will be able to provide curing instructions when you place your order.

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