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28 August 2018, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
A nation of home improvers, we’re constantly looking for ways to modernise and personalise our houses.
15 June 2018, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
So you’re lucky enough to have your own home gym! Now you need a flooring option that won’t damage the floor of your house, or your gym equipment.
17 May 2018, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
There can be no denying that first impressions matter a lot. When it comes to your premises’ entrance, it matters even more – it is the first thing that potential clients, customers, partners and employees will encounter.
12 April 2018, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
We’ve all experienced shocks at some point – walking across a carpeted floor and then touching a doorknob is often a common culprit. Shocks are the result of static charge transfer (or a balancing of our charge to that of the object).
26 March 2018, posted by Admin
Whether you’re looking for a way to expand awareness of a specific product or service that you offer, or you want to increase the reach of your brand as a whole, we have found that logo mats are an easy, inexpensive and effective method of achieving this.
26 February 2018, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Anyone who works in the hospitality industry will understand the pain that comes with being on your feet for long periods of time, plus standing on hard concrete floors.
29 January 2018, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
It should come as no surprise that the entryway to your premises is where potential customers and visitors will form their first impressions of your company – so you need to make it count.
15 December 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
As with everything, gym mats have a limited life expectancy. No matter how carefully they are maintained, you will eventually have to replace them. We encourage our customers to keep an eye on their mats and to replace them when they start to show signs of severe wear and tear.
04 October 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Workplace safety is something that no one can afford to overlook. Unsafe floor conditions and lack of awareness of risks and hazards are key factors that lead to slip, trip and fall accidents.
04 September 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
This is particularly important in the workplace, as you need to ensure the wellbeing of your employees as well as that of any visitors that you may have.