Mats for Schools    Mats for Schools

The safety of students, teachers and parents is our main priority at schools and universities. Bardwell Safety Matting offers a full selection of non – slip matting, anti – fatigue and safety matting designed for the heavy traffic nature of schools and institutions. School matting encounters all sorts of people – moving problems in large numbers in to classrooms, halls, theatres and up and down ramps and inclines. All of these challenging areas require high quality non – slip and entrance doormats for schools. The most important features of mats for schools are the anti – trip safety bevelled edges, matting products that are durable enough to stand up to the constant pounding of heavy foot traffic and wet areas.

About Mats for Schools

Types of Matting Used

The matting needs of schools and the way younger generations have changed radically in recent years. In the same way at Bardwell Safety Matting we have revolutionised the matting industry by keeping ahead and adapting to the specific matting needs of today’s society. We have introduced many new and innovative matting lines as follows:

Ergonomic Office matting – Sit Stand desks.

Entrance mats for schools – Main entrances and foyers.

Entrance Runners – Hallways and walkways.

Logo matting – Front entrance with corporate branding or greeting.

Non – Slip matting – Internal and external ramps and inclines.

Enviro Ramps – Internal and external applications.

Our Matting Range

Bardwell Safety Matting goal is to supply mats for schools that are safe, functional, hard wearing but also to fit out your school with matting that looks great and the students and parents can take pride in.

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