Anti–Static & Electrical Mats

Some workplaces pose the threat of electrical shock; our range of electrical safety matting can help protect your workers by insulating electrical currents. This prevents the current from grounding, cuts the circuit and prevents shocks from occurring.

Anti-static mats in Melbourne operate slightly differently in that they allow the current to pass through rather than blocking it completely. A built-up current is at risk of suddenly discharging.

Why Use Electrical & Anti-Static Mats?

Electrical safety matting in Melbourne is a legal requirement for certain professions, such as electricians, however, they should be employed by anyone who works with electricity. Conductive products can offer protection up to 30,000 volts, whilst non-conductive products offer protection up to 1000 volts.

The surface of our mats is also able to withstand molten metal and sparks up to 150 degrees Celsius for up to 3 seconds. This makes them a popular choice amongst welders.

Rubber anti-static mats allow static electricity that is built up in the body to be harmlessly discharged (to prevent sparks, shocks, and even explosions). As well as protecting workers from static electricity, they're important for protecting sensitive equipment (which is at risk from dirt and malfunction).

Benefits of Anti-Static & Electrical Mats

The use of rubber mats for electrical safety in the workplace offers a number of benefits; some of the main ones include:

  • Lowering the risk of hypersensitivity (which occurs when a worker touches a device over a long period of time).
  • Prevention of static build up (which, while not overly dangerous, may give your workers an unpleasant shock).
  • Protection for workers and visitors (the higher the voltage, the more harmful an electric shock is to our bodies, potentially even resulting in death).
  • Protection for expensive devices and equipment (which could be corrupted or even experience hardware failure due to static electricity).
  • Keeps warranties valid (did you know that your warranty may be automatically voided if your computer or other device encounters electrostatic discharge?).

On top of this, our anti-static mats also offer anti-fatigue and non-slip properties to further improve the safety of your workers, contractors, and other visitors.

Standard sizes & longer lengths available Standard sizes & longer lengths available
Conductive & non-conductive products Conductive & non-conductive products
Some products supplied with earthing cords & plugs Some products supplied with earthing cords & plugs
Mats designed for switch boards & static control Mats designed for switch boards & static control


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Our workers are receiving electric shocks; what can we do?

Bardwell Matting supplies a range of anti-static dissipative products that can be earthed and plugged into a power point, allowing the flow of static electricity. This can help to significantly reduce the occurrence of unpleasant static zaps.

What can we use in front of an electrical switchboard?

Care must be taken when working in areas that are exposed to excessive electricity levels, such as a switchboard. We have a product known as Switchboard Matting, which is designed to help protect workers from an electrical surge or shock.

How do I clean anti-static and electrical safety matting?

This type of matting is, fortunately, quite easy to clean and maintain. Simply give them a vacuum or a wipe down with a damp cloth for more stubborn grime. For more thorough cleaning instructions, please see individual products.

What sorts of areas require electrical mats?

There are several areas in almost any workplace that could call for the use of electrical matting, including: switchboards, power plants, power transmission rooms, electrical substations, high voltage panels, lift control rooms, and areas where electrical panels or wires will be worked on.

Why is static harmful to equipment, like computers?

Static build-up can pull dust into those tiny spaces in your equipment. The resulting dirt build-up can lead to overheating or failure. Even low-cost equipment can be damaged by static - it causes it to stick together, attracts dust, or may otherwise malfunction.

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