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Dry Area Anti Fatigue Mats

When it comes to soothing your aches and pains, our dry area floor mats and custom anti fatigue mats in Melbourne could be exactly what you’re searching for. We have a large range of options to suit your budget and comfort level. Whether you work in a warehouse, kitchen or retail store, we have dry area matting to match.



It is not surprising that the use of these mats in commercial environments has grown over the years – long periods of standing can cause physical fatigue (such as pain in our feet, legs, back, neck and shoulders). If you’re on your feet all day, chances are you’re in need of some relief.


At Bardwell Matting, we offer a range of anti fatigue mats for a range of applications, each of which can be customised to suit your requirements:


Commercial Kitchens : Chefs, cooks and wait staff are often required to stand for hours every shift as they prepare delicious meals, maintain hygiene standards and clean up for the next service. Anti fatigue mats for kitchens can provide a more comfortable surface, as well as one that is highly durable and slip resistant. These mats can help to reduce physical fatigue and ensure that staff remains productive.


Industrial : The use of industrial anti fatigue mats can help to reduce accidents and improve worker wellbeing. These workplaces include: workbenches, welding, spray booths, assembly lines, dispatch, conveyer belts, and more. We supply a range of options that are suited to industrial workplaces – many of them will also offer other benefits, such as being grease-proof and anti-static.


Shops & Retail : Many in the retail sector are often required to spend their entire shifts on their feet, either serving customers at the registers or stocking shelves. Making matters worse, these employees rarely move from this position. Retail anti fatigue mats can provide a more comfortable environment, providing their feet with some much-needed cushioning and support.


Hospitals & Healthcare : Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel are also required to spend hours upon hours on their feet. These employees tend to work long shifts, which puts tremendous strain on their bodies. Anti fatigue mats for hospitals can help to lessen some of this physical fatigue. They should be placed at reception desks, in private offices and in treatment rooms for this reason.


Offices : When we think about the corporate sphere, we don’t often think about employees being on their feet all day. The introduction of sit stand desks and other alternatives, however, has meant that more employees are spending more time standing each day. Anti fatigue mats for offices can help to lessen some of the strain associated with being on your feet all day.


Our most popular anti-fatigue mat ever, Safety Alert SpongeCote gives workers comfort and safety all day long.


Bubble mat is ideal for any individual workstation or checkout counter as well as being extensively used in industrial sites, printing and factory workshops.


Manufactured in our very own facility, these laboratory mats in Melbourne are revolutionary – both in their design and their concept.


Great for many applications; Bars, Laboratory, Hotels, Airports, Health Clubs, Warehouse, factories and assembly areas.


Cushion Walk Module Safety comes with large yellow bevelled edges fon all sides for additional safety and visibility.


Ortho Stand is impervious to most chemicals, petroleum product and animal fats.


Great for Bars, Kitchens, Hospitals, Service Stations, Workstations, Assembly and Dispatch areas.


Safety Cushion textured surface also guards workers from slips, trips and falls.


Ergonomically designed to reduce floor hardness by up to 50%, Ribbed Cushion is an economical and versatile choice.


The Euro Mat has an ergonomic design providing a sure footed comfort whilst improving circulation.


KleenSweep Cushion is known for it’s round-rib surface pattern, easy to maintain in heavy use areas.


While this dual density mat is much longer lasting than similar products, it remains one of the most economical anti-fatigue mats.


Marbled Rubber Sponge is ergonomically designed to stimulate blood flow and prevent fatigue.


Material Top Sponge is the aesthetically pleasing carpeted defence against employee fatigue and energy loss.


It offers the look and beauty of natural wood and other stylish patterns and provides the comfort of paradise.

Why use dry area matting?

Looking for an anti fatigue mat manufacturer? These mats are often used to decrease foot and lower limb disorders for workers who stand in one position for long periods. Although discomfort, tiredness and sore feet, legs, knees and hips after long hours of standing are due to a combination of the flooring material, footwear and the profession at hand, cushion mats can go a long way to providing relief.

What are the benefits?

Dry area mats actually offer a number of benefits, including:

Increased Productivity

These mats can help you to improve your concentration which, in turn, helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Promotion of Good Posture

Standing on a mat can stimulate cyclic muscle contractions for better blood circulation and posture.

Prevention of Joint Stiffness

This is because standing forces you to make frequent minor changes to your standing position, which keeps your joints activated.

Reduction in Headaches

The use of anti fatigue mats industrial actually eases tension in your shoulders and neck as compared to not using matting.

Reduced Energy Use

These mats will relieve tension and support muscles all over your body, allowing you to save your energy expenditure for when it’s really needed.

Reduced Lower Back Pain

Mats can help to achieve this in two ways – firstly, by relieving pressure on the spine and, secondly, by reducing strain on muscles in the back.

Reduced Risk of Slipping

The textured or ribbed surface offered by our cushion mats can help to prevent the likelihood of slipping and falls.

Reduced Foot Pressure

The cushioned rubber properties of anti fatigue mats reduces the pressure placed on your feet when standing for long periods.