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When it comes to soothing your aches and pains on the job, our industrial anti-fatigue mats in Melbourne could be exactly what you’ve been searching for. We have a large range of options available to suit every budget and comfort level, including both permanent and movable products.

Our heavy-duty dry area floor mats are best suited for industrial areas, kitchens and food preparation areas, around large equipment, and on hard flooring.

Why Use Dry Area Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Standing in one place for long periods may seem easy, but it can actually lead to foot and lower limb problems. While discomfort, tiredness, and soreness in the feet, legs, knees, and hips after long hours of standing are the result of flooring, footwear, and profession, custom anti-fatigue mats can go a long way in providing some relief.

The mats in our range also feature non-slip properties, which help to prevent them from shifting underfoot and potentially causing a fall. Depending on your chosen material, dry area matting may also absorb liquid spills and other grime that could pose a slipping hazard.

Benefits of Dry Area Anti-Fatigue Mats

Benefits your workers will receive with the use of dry areas mats, includes:

  • Increased productivity (as they help to improve concentration levels which, in turn, helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents).
  • Promotion of good posture (standing on a mat can stimulate cyclic muscle contractions for better blood circulation and posture).
  • Prevention of joint stiffness, reduction in headaches, reduced lower back pain, and reduced foot pressure when compared to not using mats.

Many users also report that custom anti-fatigue mats in Melbourne help to relieve tension and support muscles all over the body, allowing you to save your energy for when it’s really needed.

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Why does standing for a long time produce physical discomfort?

The muscles at the heel and ball of the foot eventually start to compress and flatten out, which causes the muscles at the arch of the foot to stretch. The blood vessels that supply blood to the foot also begin to compress, which changes blood pressure and oxygenation levels.

Why do dry area mats alleviate this discomfort?

They achieve this by absorbing part of the physical stress caused by standing. The downward force is spread over a wider area, changing the physiology involved. The compression and decompression of the foam also allows a person to shift their weight or make postural adjustments.

How do I clean dry area matting?

The good news is that anti-fatigue cushion mats are very easy to clean – almost any spillage or debris from work benches can be swept up and disposed of without needing to move the mats. More stubborn grime can be spot cleaned with a sponge and mild detergent solution.

Can dry area mats be placed in a permanent position?

Yes, any spillage or clippings from the work benches can be easily swept up and cleaned without having to remove the mats.

Do anti-fatigue dry area mats come with yellow bevelled edges?

Yes, yellow is a more visible colour with is important for safety purposes, but we can tailor it to another colour by request.


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