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As hotel employees are required to stand for long periods while fulfilling their tasks, the need for anti-fatigue matting is paramount. Because employee’s movements are rapid, particularly at peak periods, safety is an important requirement. Wet, soapy, oily areas in kitchens demand greaseproof, anti-microbial mats to provide a clean, dry surface for employees.

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Types of Matting Used

Bardwell Safety Matting has vast experience providing specialist mats for bars, kitchens, bottle shops and everything between (like concierge, reception desks and pool areas). We are the first “port of call” for many 5-star city hotels.

Entrance Matting – Internal and external, foyers, lifts, and walkways.

Bar Mats – Restaurant, bars, etc.

Kitchen Matting – Hotel restaurant and café kitchens.

Protective Matting – Kitchen to dining, slippery walkway areas.

Anti-Fatigue Matting – Reception, concierge, tour desk and hospitality areas.

Our Matting Range

Years of experience have culminated in a vast bank of knowledge in this area.

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