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A lot of time and money is invested on the visual appearance of your workplace, so a clean and undamaged floor is a must. Our range of entrance mats are designed to trap dirt and moisture, keeping your floors sparkling and presentable all year round.

As well as impressing your visitors and keeping them safe against slipping hazards, entrance mats prolong the lifetime of your flooring and reduce maintenance costs.



Indoor mats serve many functions in the workplace, from keeping the dirt and water tracked inside to a minimum to improving the overall appearance of your entrance. We have a large variety of matting to choose from, including branded logo mats, to ensure that the specific requirements of your workplace can be met with ease.



Similarly, outdoor mats can also serve many important functions, from helping to improve the cleanliness of your workplace to eliminating potential slipping hazards. All of our mats have been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that they’ll be long lasting and will continue to look their best for many years to come.

Impress Everyone Who Walks Through Your Doors

When a visitor walks through your doors for the first time an entrance mat will provide a first impression of your business. This is why choosing mats that are attractive and personalised is a smart choice.

We create branded logo mats, featuring any logo, design, or coloured pattern printed onto the surface. Want a 12-foot mat that has been emblazoned with your company logo or slogan? We’ve got you covered!

Not only will your customers see a high-quality entrance mat – they'll see a high-quality brand, too.

Designed to Last in Any Conditions

At Bardwell Matting, we understand that the secret to creating products that stand the tests of time is by using the best quality materials. This, coupled with our many years of manufacturing experience, allows us to create entrance mats that cannot be matched.

All the materials used in our indoor and outdoor matting solutions are designed with longevity in mind, so you can rest assured that they are durable no matter the conditions.

The materials we use are also tough on shoe soles, which means they brush off dirt, water, and other liquids with ease, and are robust enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Indoor & outdoor mats Indoor & outdoor mats
Custom-made with bevelled edges Custom-made with bevelled edges
Branded logo mats Branded logo mats
Designed for heavy foot traffic Designed for heavy foot traffic


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Do you supply external entrance mats?

Yes, we do. When used externally, we incorporate materials that won’t deteriorate in harsh outdoor conditions (notably recycled rubber – which also makes them an environmentally friendly option). These products will not perish or rot after being submerged in water.

Are recessed or floor-mounted entrance mats available?

Yes, both are. A recessed mat is designed to sit inside a little well, allowing it to sit flush with surrounding floor finishes, whereas a floor-mounted mat adheres to the surface and features a ramp or bevelled edge to eliminate tripping hazards.

Are bevelled edges supplied on all sides?

If you have opted for a floor-mounted mat, yes, it will feature bevelled edges on all sides. This ensures that users will be protected against tripping no matter which direction they were to approach or exit from.

Are entrance mats designed for heavy foot traffic?

There are three types of traffic environments that a workplace could encounter – low, medium, and high. Most of the matting in our range is rated to withstand heavy foot traffic (more than 530,000 people per year). Please see individual products for more information.

How large can entrance mats be made?

Bardwell Matting can create mats of any size, length, and width – ensuring that you’re able to find the perfect match for your workspace and application. As an example, we’ve created mats for Chadstone Shopping Centre that are an incredible 15m x 5m!

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