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Indoor entrance door mats in Melbourne can serve many functions, such as keeping the dirt and water tracked into the workplace to a minimum. In short, they’re designed to keep the outdoors, well, outdoors! Keeping your workplace clean is essential for making a good first impression.

Indoor entrance mats improve the cosmetic appearance of your entryway as well as providing direction for customers and extra grip as they walk through the doorway.

Why use Indoor Entrance Mats?

The use of door mats in Australia enhances the appearance of your business whilst offering a level of protection that other surfaces cannot.

Not only do they help to keep the building clean (visitors are encouraged to wipe their feet as they enter and the material will absorb much of the dirt coming in), they provide a non-slip surface (essential during winter or when cleaning) that protects workers and visitors from injury.

Entry mats can also be branded with your corporate logo or marketing message – whether you’re promoting your company’s product or warmly greeting visitors, our capabilities are sure to impress.

Benefits of Indoor Entrance Mats

Staff and visitors will receive a number of benefits when using heavy-duty entrance mats, including:

  • Improved hygiene (studies have shown that up to 85% of dirt in the workplace is trekked in through the front door, so stop it in its tracks).
  • Reduced risk of injury (slips and trips are a common cause of injury in the workplace, so matting can provide more grip).
  • Improved air quality (believe it or not, mats can actually improve indoor air quality in your workplace by reducing exposure to particles and chemicals that are walked in).
  • Prevents floor damage (the presence of matting can help to prevent a lot of potential floor damage, like scratches and stains, which saves you money on refinishing).
  • Reduced need for cleaning (by removing dirt, mud, water, and other debris from people’s feet as they enter, your floors will be kept cleaner for longer).
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Are there solutions for overly dirty environments?

We know that some workplaces are going to be exposed to more dirt than others. If your location sees a lot of dirt and mud, opt for matting like coir – this rough material is quite effective at scraping off debris from shoes, even if not wiped.

How do I clean indoor entry mats in Melbourne?

All of the door mats in our range are designed to be very easy to clean. A vacuum or sweep is generally all that’s needed to keep them looking their best. We also offer a launderable product that is colour fast so can be washed without issue if required.

Can an indoor entrance mat be custom made?

Yes, we can custom make branded entrance mats according to the exact specifications of your workplace’s entry. We can also print any safety or welcome message you would like onto the surface, allowing the branded mat to perform two functions.


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