Grease Resistant Floor Mats

When working in environments that deal with grease and/or chemicals, heavy duty floor mats are essential for ensuring that everyone who enters is protected against hazards. We supply a range of chemical and grease mats in Melbourne that are sure to tick all your boxes.

The products in our range are designed to be exposed to animal fat, grease, chemicals, and oils without permanently staining or otherwise degrading the material.

Benefits of Grease Proof Mats

There are a number of reasons for many workplaces and industries to invest in a heavy duty non slip mat in Melbourne, including:

  • Prevention of accidents (as they help to avoid slipping hazards)
  • Adequate drainage
  • Anti-fatigue properties (for workers on their feet for long periods)
  • Prevention of breakage (as they cushion dropped objects)
  • Sound absorption
  • Anti-skid properties (to ensure traction in slippery environments)

Crucial for Kitchen Environments

There are any number of potentially hazardous liquids present in a commercial kitchen, from hot oil and grease to water and other ingredients. Oil resistant mats are an essential addition, as they not only make the space safer (by removing slipping hazards), but they can also make it look more presentable to anyone popping their head in.

Choose red matting or black matting with safety yellow borders for increased visibility or choose black matting to help disguise stains and scuff marks.

Their anti-fatigue properties help to ensure that your chefs and other kitchen staff are kept comfortable during long lunch or dinner services, which are almost always spent on their feet and rushing around.

Made with grease-proof nitrile rubber Made with grease-proof nitrile rubber
Custom-made with bevelled edges Custom-made with bevelled edges
Non-slip textured surface Non-slip textured surface
Designed for animal fat, grease, chemicals &oil Designed for animal fat, grease, chemicals & oil


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What widths and lengths do grease proof mats come in?

Our heavy duty floor mats in Melbourne are supplied in a variety of standard widths and lengths. We can also custom make mats according to the specifications of your intended location and application; please contact us for more information on this service.

Are bevelled edges supplied on all sides?

Yes, our grease mats in Melbourne feature bevelled edges on all four sides. This ensures that users will be protected against tripping no matter which direction they were to approach from or way the mat were to be placed.

Are grease proof mats easily cleaned and maintained?

Yes! These mats can be cleaned effortlessly at the end of the working day using a mop and mild detergent solution. More stubborn bits of grime can be hosed off or cleaned with a pressure washer. Some products can also be laundered and sterilised if required.

What happens to liquids spilt on the surface?

Most of our grease resistant floor mats in Melbourne feature holes to allow for drainage and raised lugs underneath to ensure that liquids, once drained, no longer pose a threat. The liquid is confined to the floor underneath where it can later be mopped up.

Do hot liquids pose a risk to grease proof mats?

No, they do not. Most of the products in our range are made from rubber, which is resistant to burns and scalds caused by hot liquids (such as spitting oil and boiling water). Whilst some residue may be left, depending on the liquid spilt, this can be cleaned off with ease.

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