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Industrial Mats

Our inventory of industrial matting is designed for specific environments such as:

  • Work benches
  • Matting in front of machinery
  • Conveyer belts
  • Sorting and packing
  • Welding
  • Spray booths
  • Assembly lines
  • Dispatch etc.


To protect your staff and visitors, we offer a full selection of industrial mats in Melbourne. Our industrial mat range is supplied with yellow safety borders, heavy duty industrial strength rubber and will withstand the tough, extreme conditions of an industrial work site:

  • Industrial Anti – Fatigue mats – Single mat stations, longer lengths or rolls.
  • Non - Slip Industrial matting – Wet and slippery areas.
  • Grease Proof matting – Oily and greasy areas, chemicals.
  • Anti – Static matting – Electrical static builds up and switchboards.
  • Entrance matting – Factory to Office mats and runners to take the dust and debris off your feet before you enter the office.


Safety is our priority at Bardwell Safety Matting. We offer industrial mats for sale that will make your worksite a safer and more comfortable place to come and work, thus reducing the amount of anti – fatigue, slips and falls and therefore increasing productivity.

Our industrial rubber mats are available in all shapes and sizes, and can be made in continuous lengths and interlocking matting products to cover larger areas and irregular configurations. The following are some of our recommendations for industrial safety mats.

Bevelled Edged Safety Mat

Great for Bars, Kitchens, Hospitals, Service Stations, Workstations, Assembly and Dispatch areas.

Bubble Mat

Bubble mat is ideal for any individual workstation or checkout counter as well as being extensively used in industrial sites, printing and factory workshops.

Cushion Walk Module Safety

Cushion Walk Module Safety comes with large yellow bevelled edges fon all sides for additional safety and visibility.

Safety Alert Diamond Spongecote

Our most popular anti-fatigue mat ever, Safety Alert SpongeCote gives workers comfort and safety all day long.

Comfort Flow

Ideal for use in kitchens and bar areas, food processing areas, machine shops and other heavy industrial applications.

Modular Grease Proof Interconnecting Mat

Modular Grease Proof Mat will keep employees comfortable.