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Safety Mats

Safety floor mats are the cornerstones of our business at Bardwell Safety Matting. Our aim is to create a safe and comfortable workplace with rubber safety mats, which in turn mitigates against worker fatigue and increased productivity.


  • Non - Slip Mats – Wet and slippery conditions.
  • Grease Proof Matting – Areas exposed to oil and grease, cutting cluids and harsh volatile chemicals.
  • Anti – Fatigue Matting – Work benches, machinery, packing and sorting, dispatch.
  • Entrance Matting – Factory/warehouse to office, main entrances and busy walkways.


Bardwell Safety Matting has earned a reputation for the most extensive range of soft rubber mats and safety mats in Melbourne – indeed, in all of Australia. Whether it is a slippery ramp, a pool deck, or an anti-fatigue solution, we always have the most effective safety rubber mats.

Bubble Mat

Bubble mat is ideal for any individual workstation or checkout counter as well as being extensively used in industrial sites, printing and factory workshops.

Safety Alert Diamond Spongecote

Our most popular anti-fatigue mat ever, Safety Alert SpongeCote gives workers comfort and safety all day long.

Cushion Walk Module Safety

Cushion walk module Safety mats are anti-fatigue and anti-skid.

Power Pod

Product is extremely soft, lightweight and durable, ensuring that it will meet your application with ease.

Entrymaster Classic

Rubber-reinforced face nubs and a waffle surface design provide crush-proof scraping action.

Hospitality Mat

Ideal for kitchens, behind bars, restaurants, cafes, assembly lines and checkout counters.

Flexi Rib

The self-draining system makes Flexi Rib the ideal safety matting for all sports and leisure surroundings.