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Bardwell Safety Matting has one of Australia’s largest selections of warehouse and factory mats. We can provide a wide variety of safety mats for busy environments and applications that requires high levels of organisation. We can help improve these areas by providing your workers with anti – fatigue and non – slip products to make their work place safer, more comfortable and a happier place to be. Warehouse mats can be used in the following applications:

About Factory Mats

Types of Matting Used

The working conditions for every factory or warehouse can differ from place to place. Many warehouse and factory jobs require standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces. By utilising anti – fatigue matting in your workplace the energy used by the supporting muscles when you stand is conserved by almost 50% when the worker stands on an anti – fatigue mat. The result here is a more energetic, more productive, healthier employees. Ideas of the types of mats that can be used and where:

Anti – Fatigue matting – Single mat stations, longer lengths or rolls.

Non - Slip Industrial matting – Wet and slippery areas.

Grease Proof matting – Oily and greasy areas, chemicals.

Anti – Static matting – Electrical static builds up and switchboards.

Entrance matting – Office to warehouse mats and runners to take the dust and debris off your feet before you enter the office.

Our Matting Range

Bardwell Safety Matting has an extensive range of industrial matting and we can offer complete matting solutions for all your factory or warehouse requirements.

We have expertise and experience in custom making. Our warehouse and factory mats in Melbourne are available all shapes and sizes, assorted Hi–Vis bright colours and are supplied with safety bevelled edges on all sides. A few of our matting recommendations are as follows:

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