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Bardwell Safety Matting serves the matting requirements of many local council managed kindergartens and childcare centres. Safety again becomes paramount where young children are concerned. We also take pains to implement mats that will prevent the ingress of sand and foot soil from outdoor playgrounds.

About Childcare

Types of Matting Used

Entrance Matting – External and internal entries.

Playground Matting – Playgrounds, multi-purpose rooms.

Logo Mat – Entrances and foyers.

Kitchen Matting – Kitchens, food preparation, wash bays.

Bathroom Matting – Children’s hand wash up areas, toilets.

Our Matting Range

Blending of appealing bright colours with task-orientated mats is the aim of all here at Bardwell Safety Matting. Mats are carefully made with bevelled edges to avoid slips and falls.

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