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Bardwell Safety Matting serves the matting requirements of many local council managed kindergartens and childcare centres. Safety again becomes paramount where young children are concerned. We also take pains to implement mats that will prevent the ingress of sand and foot soil from outdoor playgrounds.


  • Entrance Matting – External and internal entries.
  • Playground Matting – Playgrounds, multi-purpose rooms.
  • Logo Mat – Entrances and foyers.
  • Kitchen Matting – Kitchens, food preparation, wash bays.
  • Bathroom Matting – Children’s hand wash up areas, toilets.


Blending of appealing bright colours with task-orientated mats is the aim of all here at Bardwell Safety Matting. Mats are carefully made with bevelled edges to avoid slips and falls.

Bevelled Edged Safety Mat

Ideal matting for many applications including both Dry and Wet areas.

Entrymaster Classic

Rubber-reinforced face nubs and a waffle surface design provide crush-proof scraping action.

Launderable Mat

UV resistant, colour fast to washing and can be processed at high temperatures without fear of cross-staining.

Finger Tip Mat

It is UV resistant, it will withstand all types of temperatures, and is un-affected in wet rainy climates.

Entrymaster Logo Mat

The mat itself is made of a solution-dyed 100% polypropylene fabric that is quick drying and fade resistant.

Flexi Rib

The self-draining system makes Flexi Rib the ideal safety matting for all sports and leisure surroundings.

Power Pod

Manufactured in our very own facility, these laboratory mats in Melbourne are revolutionary – both in their design and their concept.