Retirement and Aged Care    Retirement and Aged Care

Bardwell Safety Matting has been serving the aged care and retirement sector for many years. Everything that we do has an abiding emphasis on safety. As older folk tend to “shuffle”, every mat whether it be in a wet or dry area must be bevelled on all sides to prevent trips and falls.

About Retirement and Aged Care

Types of Matting Used

Entrance Matting – Main entrances and foyers.

Kitchen Matting – Cooking and service areas.

Non-Slip Matting – Internal and external ramps, pool decks, change rooms and shower cubicles.

Specialty Matting – Bedside matting for the use of hoists and walking aids.

Our Matting Range

Bardwell Safety Matting has a comprehensive range of safety matting, all tried and tested, for the aged care and retirement sectors.

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