3 Key Benefits of Using Office Mats in the Workplace

08 May 2020 , posted by Admin

Thanks to the rise of sit-stand desks and an understanding of the risks of continues sitting, we’re seeing a huge increase in specifically designed matting – they’re in all sorts of workplaces all over the country, used every single day. But did you know that office mats aren’t only for employee comfort? There are many reasons to use them, all of which will benefit business owners, employees and customers alike. In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at their three key benefits and how they can benefit for your workplace.

How do they work?

These mats are designed to be stood on for hours at a time. When you stand directly on the floor for an extended period of time, there is no movement. This is why standing still for so long can have a real toll on your body – the blood circulation in your legs is limited, back pain and foot problems arise (which can later lead to musculoskeletal disorders) and other issues also start to develop.

The reason office mats work is that their design forces you to make tiny movements. Even if you don’t feel like you’re moving around, there is enough movement to keep you healthy. These micro-movements can help to reduce foot and back pain, as well as limit fatigue. As you’re standing on a padded surface, you’ll find that your circulation is also improved.

Another function of these mats is preventing slips and falls by providing the people who walk across them with plenty of traction. Did you know that 15% of accidental workplace deaths are a result of slipping and falling? By ensuring that the floor is properly covered with office mats, you can protect your employees and visitors from these sorts of accidents and minimise the number of incidents.

What are their specific benefits?

1. Reduce Accidents

As we mentioned above, slips and falls can be common in industrial workplaces. They can, however, be prevented when the right mats are used. Whilst it’s impossible to prevent spills from happening all together, it is possible to lower the likelihood of an accident occurring. Not only can they protect your employees in the event of an incident, they can protect your property too - When glass falls onto the floor, it usually shatters. Office mats can actually prevent this by absorbing the shock, which means that delicate items are less likely to break upon impact. If the item does happen to break, they also make clean up easier.

2. Prevent Fatigue

Unsurprisingly, these mats can also be used to help prevent fatigue. They make it more comfortable for workers to stand in one place for extended periods of time. And you know what less fatigue means – more productivity. At the same time, they are also an ideal choice for reducing stress - it should come as no surprise that when you’re comfortable, you’re less stressed. As an anti fatigue mat provides a higher level of comfort to your workers, you’ll find that they feel less everyday stress (although will still feel stressed about other things).

3. Absorb Sound

If you want to muffle noise or limit vibrations in your workplace, these mats can help. When placed underneath equipment, they can absorb sound and vibrations, preventing them from travelling as far. Note that not all mats are able to do this.

We hope that the information provided above has shown you the many benefits of using office mats in your workplaces. From employee comfort and increased productivity to reducing the number of accidents and preventing damage to your goods, there are plenty of ways that you will benefit. With so many mats on the market, you’ll be able to find your perfect match.

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