8 Common Commercial Areas Where You Need Non-Slip Mats

01 February 2019 , posted by Admin

Safety should be a priority for all shops and restaurants, whether you’re preventing customers from hurting themselves while they shop, or your employees from getting injured at work. Non slip mat is a great way to quickly and easily improve the safety of an area – and it’s a far more affordable option than costly renovations and other solutions. See if your space is one of the most common areas where a mat can make all the difference.

Building Entrances

Whether you’re running a large shopping centre complex, or a small boutique store, if there is an entrance way exposed to the elements, it can get wet and slippery – especially during wet and rainy days. With so many people coming in and out of the building, a mat can ensure their safety – and stop them tracking mud and water throughout the rest of the store.

Near Drinking Fountains

It’s always hard drinking from water fountains – water ends up everywhere, no matter how hard you try. Non-slip mats will keep your customers feet steady while they drink, and keep the area safe for those who come after them.

In Laundromats

It goes without saying that laundromats can get very slippery, very quickly. Splashed water, spilled wet clothing and overflowing machines can all lead to an unsafe situation. Non-slip mats will help prevent any accidents and keep customers out of harm’s way.

At Food Courts

Whether accidents are happening at the hands of employees or customers, there is no doubt that whenever food and drinks are present, spills can happen. Use mats to make sure a small mess doesn’t turn into a big injury.

In Kitchens

Here, there is an even bigger risk of spills occurring, especially in a fast-passed commercial kitchen. Daily cleaning will protect against harmful bacteria, but rushing staff can often slip on spills that happen throughout the day – but not with non-slip mats!

Near Dishwashers and Sinks

The closer your staff get to running water, the more likely there is to be an accident. Make sure you’ve got mats around the entire area, as it’s guaranteed that water will end up on the floor at some stage during the day.

At Buffets

As we’ve said, when there is food around, there is bound to be accidents. Even though customers are serving themselves and food isn’t being passed from one person to another, in the rush to get the best piece of cake or pour gravy onto their potato’s without holding up the line, something will end up where it shouldn’t be. Use non-slip mats to keep this from becoming more serious.

Under Soap Dispensers

People generally use soap dispensers while their hands are wet, or while there is running water nearby. All you need to do is lay down some matting to prevent a clean situation from turning into a very dirty situation.

As you can see, whenever food or water is involved, slips can occur. Our non-slip matting can help prevent against serious accidents and injuries, keeping your staff and customers safe. Contact us to find out which product is best for your area.

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