Avoid Bacteria Growth by Using Kitchen Mats

25 June 2019 , posted by Admin

Commercial kitchens can be incredibly busy places, with a wide range of things happening at any given time – from preparing and cooking food to wiping down benches and cleaning dishes. Whilst this is necessary to provide customers with an enjoyable experience, with so many different types of food and liquids being used around the space at a wide range of temperatures from raw to cooked, the kitchen can quickly become unclean and in fact dangerous! If you’re looking for an affordable way to reduce the amount of bacteria in your kitchen, consider using specifically designed kitchen mats.

Whilst people pay close attention to the sink, bench top and over, the flooring often gets overlooked in even the most thorough clean. This issue can be exasperated if there is existing anti-fatigue or anti-slip matting already in place on the flooring – as germs can quickly grow in the grooves of the mat or attach to the fibres of the material. However, with kitchen mats that have been designed specifically for germ-rich, wet areas such as these, this type of issue will occur far less. If you’re wondering why, you’ve come to the right place.

Easier to Clean

The primary reason are used to cut-down on bacteria growth is due to how easy they are to clean! Generally made from a lightweight yet durable rubber cushioning, they can be hosed down at the end of every shift without doing damage to the matting itself. This ensures the bulk of the bacteria can be cleaned away every single day, whilst a tougher clean and sterilisation can still occur as needed.

Inbuilt Drainage

Another key factor that sets out from the crowd is the inbuilt drainage holes that they feature. Whether you’re hosing them down at the end of the night or accidently spill water or grease onto the matting, you don’t have to be concerned that it will gather or pool – it will simply flow out from the holes and off the surface immediately. As a result, your kitchen will be one step closer to avoiding bacteria growth.

Designed for Grease

Lastly, kitchen matting is generally designed to be completely grease proof – which is critical in areas where fats and oils are used on a daily basis! As the greases aren’t being absorbed into the mat, you don’t need to worry about bacteria growing and spreading.

Avoiding bacteria growth in any space is important, but in commercial kitchens it can be down-right deadly! With our range of specifically made kitchen mats, you can add an affordable and easy way to keep the kitchen clean and safe for both the staff and the customers.

If you’re wondering which matting to use in your kitchen, or you want specific messages or colours used, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Bardwell Matting. With almost three decades of experience, you can be confident we have the products you need for your kitchen. Call us today on 03 9499 5991.

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