Discover How Industrial Mats Help You In Creating A Better Space

03 August 2017 , posted by Kelvin Bardwell

Creating the best possible space for your employees is a must for ensuring their health and wellbeing in the workplace. Industrial mats can be incredibly useful for this. They can be placed in front of work benches, machinery, conveyer belts, spray booths, assembly lines and welding areas to improve safety and comfort for employees in the course of their daily work.

In the list below, we’ve outlined just some of the ways that these mats can be used to help you create a better environment:

Prevent Aches & Pains

The more time a person spends on their feet, the higher the likelihood that they will experience foot, joint, leg and lower back pain. The right sort of mats can help to protect your employees by improving circulation, which creates a more comfortable environment. The latest designs work to ease pressure on an employee’s feet, legs and joints (which reduces problems with inflammation and swelling).

Boosts Employee Morale

In a space where an employee’s safety needs are properly addressed, they are more likely to perform to a higher standard. Many industrial mats feature an ergonomically structured surface and flexible materials that can help to improve blood flow and oxygen supply, which helps to boost concentration and morale. You will start to see improved performance and morale across the workplace as a whole.

OH&S Compliance

Many Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) bodies strongly recommend the use of mats throughout industrial workplaces. In some cases, you may actually find that their use is required in order to comply with relevant standards and regulations. If you are not sure whether there are specific guidelines that you need to follow, ensure that you get in touch with your local OH&S body to find out.

Prevent Slips & Accidents

Industrial mats can also be incredibly useful for preventing slips and other accidents. Many of the products currently on the market feature low-profile edges so that they reduce the likelihood of tripping and a textured surface to provide employees with better grip as they walk across it. Some products are even designed for use in wet areas – they will soak up liquid or allow it to run off.

Simple to Clean

Many of the available mats are also quite simple to clean. Generally, all you need to do is give them a sweep or even a hose down. It’s that easy! Your team will be able to spend more time getting on with their work and less time cleaning up. Those that are made from nitrile rubber are also oil and grease resistant, which makes them ideal for workplaces that work with such substances regularly.

As you can see from the above list, there are a number of ways that industrial mats can help you to create a better space for your employees. At Bardwell Safety Matting, we have a variety of mats to choose from, ensuring that you’re able to find a perfect match for your space and the needs of your employees. Browse our range and get in touch if you have any questions.

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