Entrance Mats

22 August 2016 , posted by Admin

“…A large percentage of the dirt that attacks floors is tracked in on the soles of shoes. Thus, it stands to reason that a program of matting should concentrate on building entrances…?”.

Floor grime represents a major challenge to building maintenance contractors and building managers. Tracked-in dirt and moisture not only detracts from the appearance of a place of business, they also takes it toll on the flooring.

There are many ways in which dirt and moisture can enter a building. We know from experience that a large share of the dirt and water that soils and erodes the floors of buildings come in on the shoes of employees or visitors. The front of the building is generally the area that takes the most abuse. The most common area for the entry of dirt and moisture is through the public entrance or entrances. And, this is generally the area that the building manager or business owner wants to keep the cleanest and best looking, so as not to discourage business.

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