When Do I Need To Replace My Gym Mats?

15 December 2017 , posted by Kelvin Bardwell

As with everything, gym mats have a limited life expectancy. No matter how carefully they are maintained, you will eventually have to replace them. We encourage our customers to keep an eye on their mats and to replace them when they start to show signs of severe wear and tear. Use our suggestions to ensure that your patrons are using the best flooring at all times:


If you want your mats to last for a long time, the surface needs to be properly maintained. They will endure a considerable amount of wear and tear, especially if they’ve been placed in popular areas of the gym – proper maintenance can extend their lifespan so that you don’t need to replace them as often. Some steps that you should take include:

  • Regularly sweep the surface;
  • Disinfect using a neutral pH cleaner;
  • Regularly clean underneath the mat;
  • Avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects on them;
  • Avoid using corrosive cleaners; and
  • Avoid wearing shoes with rubber soles or heels.


Most gym mats come with a 12 month warranty, so if they deteriorate abnormally during this time they may be replaced. Keep in mind that the manufacturer will need to determine whether the damage is a result of a manufacturing default or whether it’s due to misuse – if it’s the latter, a replacement will not be covered under warranty.


If you run a commercial gym, it’s a good idea to replace the mats as soon as you notice signs of excessive damage. They will naturally change shape and form as a result of differing temperatures and wear, which is no cause for alarm. If you start to notice any of the following problems, however, it is time that you started thinking about replacing them:

  • There are visible dents and holes;
  • The colour has faded or worn off completely in some areas;
  • It has become too stiff and doesn’t provide protection against damage;
  • The pieces are curling and coming off at the corners; or
  • The surface has started to flake and break off.

Bardwell Safety Matting supplies a variety of products that are suitable for use as gym mats, from non-slip matting options that are perfect for use in change rooms to anti fatigue options that are great for martial arts studios. Contact us today if you require assistance with making your selection or if you have damaged mats that are in need of being replaced.

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