Coir Matting

Coir Fibre matting has a thick vinyl backing for strength and stability. Coir matting is effective as a scraping mat and has good dirt retention. Coir matting will keep the inside of your building clean and is most effective for areas that have small stones, pebbles, pine bark and loose bit of debris surrounding the entrance. Coir Fibre matting can be cut to suit mat recesses and mat wells or used as a loose lay mat on a hard flat surface. The Coir Fibre doormat is ideal for offices, retail shops, schools, city buildings and anywhere you find a recess or mat well. Coir Fibre matting is made of natural coconut fibres and is an environmentally friendly product.



Internal areas

Main entrances (in a mat well or loose lay)


Even bristles (likened to the underside of a brush)


Natural coconut fibres with a PVC vinyl backing


Coir Matting is a great scraping mat with good dirt retention. It is extremely durable and long-lasting with natural coconut fibres that are environmentally friendly. Coir Matting provides an attractive, neat, clean finish to all entrances with recesses.


Square edges


17mm, 23mm or 30mm


Natural – tan colour


Cut to size – sold by the square metre

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