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Entrance Matting Indoor

Entrance door mats in Melbourne can serve many functions. Such as keeping the dirt and water tracked in to the building to a minimum, providing people with plenty of grip as they walk through the doorway and improving the overall cosmetic appearance to your building entrance.



StepRight® is design and manufactured in Australia from heavy duty anodised aluminium treads.


Frontrunner’s Diamond tread surface literally scrapes dirt away and its open grid design lets the deis fall through to the floor below.


Entrymaster Premiers Roll Stock’s unique, diamond shaped face pattern creates the ultimate visual appearance.


Rubber-reinforced face nubs and a waffle surface design provide crush-proof scraping action.


Tough Scrape has a slip resistant gripper backing which prevents movement and increases safety.


UV resistant, colour fast to washing and can be processed at high temperatures without fear of cross-staining.


This Dirt Barrier ribbed design is effective,attractive and popular for indoor entrances and foyers.


Ideal for offices, retail shops, schools, city building and anywhere you find a recess or mat well.


Coloured Coir is made of dyed natural cocconut fies and is an enviromentally friendly product.


Recommended for use in Showrooms, receptions areas, hospitality industry, retail outlets and hospitals.


Chevron comes in a range of colors that especially compliment older herritage buildings.

Why use indoor entrance mats?

Entrance matting can enhance your business whilst giving you floor protection. They can help to keep the building clean (as people are encouraged to wipe their feet as they enter), they provide a non-slip surface (essential during the winter or when cleaning, as water is likely to be present) and they can also be branded with your corporate logo or marketing message. Whether you are promoting your company’s product, or warmly greeting customers, our range of indoor mats are durable, highly functional and will impress.

What are the benefits?

Door mats in Australia offer a number of benefits, including:

Custom Design

Branded entrance mats can be custom made to fit any sized mat recess, air lock or foyer entrance. All matting is supplied with anti – trip safety beveled edges on all sides.

Quick Turn Around

Fast and speedy turn around. Most of our matting products are stocked right here in our warehouse.

Improved Hygiene

Studies have shown that up to 85% of dirt in the workplace is trekked in through the front door – heavy duty entrance mats with logo can stop most of it getting past.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

Slips and trips are a common cause of injury in the workplace. Entry mats can provide more grip on slippery surfaces, helping to prevent accidents.

Saves Money

The presence of branded mats can actually help to prevent floor damage (like scratches and stains) and reduces wear and tear, which saves you money on refinishing.

Improved Aesthetics

Who said that branded matting had to be boring or ugly? We supply a range of options that allow your business to really make a statement.

Reduced Need for Cleaning

By removing dirt, mud, water and other debris from people’s feet as they enter the building, the floors will be kept cleaner for much longer.

Improved Air Quality

Believe it or not, doormats in Melbourne can actually improve the indoor air quality of your building by reducing exposure to trekked in hazardous particles and chemicals.