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Flexi Rib Back

  • Flexi Rib Matting
  • Flexi Rib Mat
Wet areas, Pool decks, Change rooms, Shower cubicles and all sports surroundings.
A series of textured vinyl solid open grids.
High grade PVC Vinyl.
Offers excellent slip resistance in wet areas and provides rapid four-way drainage while delivering comfort and hygiene.
Flexi Rib is low profile product. If required, heavy duty bullnose edging can be attached.
Available in variety of assorted colours.
900 mm wide roll – made to length.
1200 mm wide roll – made to length.
*Custom made sizes available.
Product Description
  • Flexi Rib’s embossed, slip resistant surface helps prevent injury from slips and falls.
  • Made from non – toxic food grade recyclable materials, Flexi Rib is anti – bacterial and anti - fungal. Flexi Rib can help prevent the spread of fungal infection common in swimming pools and locker rooms.
  • The open grid design and rapid four-way drainage system allows water to run through and drain away underneath the mat leaving the top surface clean and dry.
  • The self-draining system makes Flexi Rib the ideal safety matting for all sports and leisure surroundings.
  • Flexi Rib’s embossed, slip resistant surface and open grid design provides excellent non – slip qualities and can be used as a non - slip mat in any internal or external application, perfect for boats and the marine industry.
  • Flexi Rib can be made in a variety of assorted colours making it not only an essential safety product but also an aesthetically eye catching addition to any wet side area.