High-End Heavy Traffic Logo Mat

Made to order, the Heavy Traffic Logo Mat is a high-end aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, branded mat, available in over 300 standard PMS colours.The high concealing ultra-plush nylon surface resists aggressive wear and heavy foot traffic as it blends in with any décor. Easily kept clean with the simple pass of the vacuum.



Large expansive printed foyer and lobby mats, runners branded with company logo, text and images.


Printed carpet material fibres


Premium Invista polypropylene 6.6 high twist yarn surface, 42 ounce, high density woven wilton construction.


The High-End Heavy Traffic logo mat provides a long lasting positive first impression as the branding and logo is the first thing you see when walking into any building entrance. Designed for larger entrances and upsized mats, the luxurious appearance, longevity and performance is impressive, even in the highest traffic areas.


40mm heavy duty PVC anti-trip edging – for floor-mounted mats.




Over 300 standard PMS colour shades


Custom-made to size

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