Ortho Stand

The Ortho Stand mat is a superior product for all stand up job tasks, particularly in the health care industry. The closed cell feature of the nitrile rubber eliminates absorption of liquids and fluids. Together with the antimicrobial qualities this makes the Ortho Stand mat an extremely hygienic product preventing the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. Very user-friendly, light weight, and easy to clean the Ortho Stand mat is non–allergenic, latex and silicone free. Complete with safety bevelled edges, the Ortho Stand mat is ergonomically designed with a guaranteed reduction in back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue. The Ortho Stand mat is impervious to most chemicals, petroleum products and animal fats. The Ortho Stand mat is ideal for applications such as: oral surgery rooms, nursing stations, rehabilitation rooms, exercise rooms, sterile processing laboratories, dental surgery rooms, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hazardous waste areas, materials management and day care centres.



Dry areas

Stand up job tasks, hospital theatre and wash bays


Embossed diamond pattern


Nitrile rubber


Ergonomically designed, guaranteed reduction of back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue.
Hygienic, launderable and fully washable. Lightweight and easy to lift, clean and sterilize.


Bevelled edges on all sides






600 x 900mm, 900 x 1500mm or 1200 x 1800mm
Custom made sizes available upon request

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