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Pet Matting Back

Pet Matting
Inside pet enclosures and cages. Also useful for lining the bottom of wash tanks
Solid vinyl smooth ribs
Solid Flexible Food Grade PVC in robust grid formation
Solid,Hygenic,Non-Porous,Inhibits Bacteria,will not absorb odours or moisture.Practical and easy to remove and clean.Australian Made
Product Description

Made from solid flexible Food Grade,(AS2070-1999 and CFR21), PVC profiles in robust grid formation. Plain smooth top surface. Modern, hygienic way to line small animal cages. Increases comfort, cleanliness and safety. Useful, too, as slip resistant lining at bottom of ‘wash tanks’.

  • Open grid construction facilitates drainage and air circulation.
  • Increases comfort of post-operative animals by elevating the ‘patient’ from urine that may be released whilst under the effects of anaesthetic.
  • Non-porous; inhibits bacteria; will not absorb odours or moisture.
  • Practical and easy to remove when cage or mat requires cleaning.
Stock Sizes

Widths: (Nom.) 600mm, 650mm or 910mms.
Lengths: (Nom.) 5 or 10 m.
Colour: Black or Blue.
Special sizes and colours availble on request.