Power Pod Platform Mat

The Power Pod Platform Mat is Australian made and owned, and can be custom made to suit any size, height, or dimension. With excellent traction and comfort the Power Pod Platform Mats are developed to assist workers who are physically height challenged and work in environments where there are height restrictions for benches and workers are required to reach high above their heads. The Power Pod Platform Mat is easy to install due to its lightweight structure and can be fitted as a temporary or permanent fixture. It consists of raised square pods with a surface impervious to oils, acids, chlorine, and solvents making them perfect for industrial and warehouse applications. 



Counters, work benches and along machinery.


Raised square pods with deep valleys.


Cross linked PVA foam.


Our platforms are developed for workers who are height wise physically challenged. Essential in workplaces that have height restrictions for the Benches and where workers must reach up high above their heads.


Multi – Coloured safety borders.


Custom made to any size, height or dimension


Multiple assorted colours available.


Custom made to any size, height or dimension.

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