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Rubber Non – Slip Rolls Back

  • Marbled Rubber Mat
  • FRAS Fire Retardant Rubber Mat
  • Nitrile Rubber Roll Mat
  • Pyramid Rubber Mat
  • Combination Rib Rubber Mat
  • Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting
  • Big Rib Rubber Mat
  • Insertion Rubber Mat
  • Recycled Tyre Crumb Matting
  • Checker Plate Roll Matting
  • Circular Studded Rubber Mat
External and internal ramps, walkway, floors and slippery areas.
A variety of textured and embossed slip resistant surfaces - Checkerplate, Studded, Ribbed etc.
Natural rubber, High Grade SBR rubber, Nitrile rubber, Fras rubber etc.
A variety of non – slip roll products to cover all Non – slip applications.
Heavy duty safety edges able to be attached.
3mm thick up to 12mm thick
Black, Grey and Blue.
Rolls Sizes
900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm wide x 10 metre / Rolls. (Some rolls are longer)
*Custom made sizes available.
Product Description

Our range of Rubber Non – Slip Rolls come in a variety of slip – resistant embossed patterns, designs and thicknesses.

Our rolls of rubber matting provide enormous friction under foot and can be used in a variety of non – slip applications such as internal and external ramps, foyers, walkways, slippery areas, inside food trucks, buses, semi – trailers, trains, trams, utes and all flooring applications.

The types of rolled rubber mat available in our range are as follows:

1.Studded Rubber 2.Checkerplate Roll 3.Enviro Roll - Recycled Tyre Crumb matting 4.Insertion Rubber 5.Marbled Rubber 6.Big Rib Rubber 7.Fine Ribbed Rubber 8.Combination Rib 9.Pyramid Rubber 10.Nitrile Rubber Roll 11.FRAS Fire Retardant Rubber.