Tough Scrape

The Tough Scrape High Traffic Entrance Mat is made from heavy duty 59oz carpet fibre and is up to three times the weight of other mats, enabling it to handle heavy traffic for many years. With heavy duty edging (twice the weight of regular edging), trolleys ride up with ease and edge cracking and splitting is reduced. It also absorbs and holds huge amounts of water on wet days yet dries quickly. Tough Scrape High Traffic mats have a slip resistant gripper backing which prevents movement and increases safety. The Tough Scrape High Traffic mat can be custom made to fit any shape, width, size or recess. Available in charcoal the Tough Scrape High Traffic mat is an ideal choice for entrances that require a robust heavy-duty mat.



Internal areas

Main entrances (in a mat well or loose lay)


Non-slip rugged pebble pattern


Anti-static 100% premium 59oz polypropylene carpet fibre top with high grade PVC vinyl backing


Tough Scrape can endure extremely heavy traffic for year after year. It absorbs and holds huge amounts of water on wet days yet dries quickly.  The slip-resistant PVC backing increases stability and is suitable for shopping centres, public buildings, office blocks, banks, hospitals, airports and can be laid onto steep ramps and inclines.


Heavy duty edging, twice the weight of regular edging, yet trolleys ride up with ease. Reduces hacking, cracking or splitting of edges






Cut to size and sold by lineal metre
Maximum Roll – 2m wide x 20.5m long
Custom made sizes available upon request
Cut to size per lineal meter
2m wide roll – maximum 20.4m

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