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Using Floor Logo Mats To Enhance Retail Displays
22 December 2016, posted by Kelvin Bardwell

Have you ever considered that a well-designed and high quality floor logo mat could be a fantastic asset for enhancing any type of retail store or display? They can add warmth to the space and can become an essential part of the interior design – they bring together all of the different components of the room, completing the look you’re trying to achieve and present to your customers.

logo inkjet printed mat

  • Can convey a message instantly
    One of the key uses for these mats in the retail environment is to convey an immediate message. Perhaps you want to draw attention to a sale or special offer. Perhaps, if your products appear in a supermarket or other multi-brand store, you want to easily show customers where they’ll find you. Whatever the message, it can be conveyed instantly.
  • Can provide employee comfort
    If your employees are required to stand at certain points around your store – perhaps they’re charged with checking customer bags as the leave the premises or they’re offering customers free samples – a mat can provide them with some much-needed comfort and relief. This is because they’re made with anti-fatigue properties in mind.
  • Can add colour to the workplace
    Another reason that these mats are so useful in retail displays is that they can add a pop of colour. These days, most stores are done in neutral colours, which can result in the whole space feeling quite dull. Mats can be manufactured using all colours of the rainbow, ensuring that you can add a pop to your aisles or entrances with ease.
  • Welcome customers to the store
    Many people choose to place these mats at the entrances to their stores, as they’re a fantastic way to make customers feel welcome (as well as remind them exactly where they’re shopping). A well-designed and high quality mat will make a great first impression, which is invaluable for customers who have never shopped with you before.
  • Provide relief at the service counter
    Another popular location for these mats is at the service counter. Here, they serve dual purposes. Firstly, they provide another opportunity for your brand to be displayed. Secondly, they provide customers with comfort whilst they wait. This is because many are made with anti fatigue and non slip properties for maximum safety.

If you are thinking about investing in floor logo mats, we hope that you will consider using them in your retail displays. As you can see from the information provided above, they can really enhance your displays and store in general – providing they’re used correctly. Please contact the team at Bardwell Matting for more information on our logo products or to place an order.