Logo Mats – A Smart And Easy Means Of Brand Advertising

26 March 2018 , posted by Admin

Whether you’re looking for a way to expand awareness of a specific product or service that you offer, or you want to increase the reach of your brand as a whole, we have found that logo mats are an easy, inexpensive and effective method of achieving this. There are many reasons why mats are so effective, which we have taken a closer look at here for your convenience.

Is floor space advertising’s newest frontier?

Shelf-space and window displays are often at a premium in stores, and we’re sure that you’re already capitalising on these types of opportunities. There has to be another solution. Floor advertising in the way of mats can help you to take advantage of unused floor space and increase exposure for your brand. Read on for more information on why this is possible.

Place your logo where it will be seen

It’s human nature for us to look at the floor ahead when walking through a store or shopping centre. After all, we don’t want to trip over anything or collide with any obstructions. Did you know that 64% of shoppers notice logo mats and graphics? Smart businesses will capitalise on our tendency to look down to help spread brand and product awareness.

The floor is, quite literally, right under your customers’ feet at a crucial point in the buying process (they’re already in-store but haven’t yet taken the final step in purchasing). Using mats that have been strategically placed in-store can help give you an extra voice and some input into your customers’ buying decisions.

Easy to start a new campaign (and reactivate a stagnant one)

Mats emblazoned with your logo and product information are simple and easy to periodically switch out, allowing you to focus your advertising efforts on different products or to drive sales in a certain direction depending on your mood. Whether you change up advertising with the season or according to what’s hot, you’ll be able to do so with ease.

Inexpensive yet powerful impact

The average cost per impression of logo mats is about one-tenth of a cent, whilst retail products promoted in this way see an average purchase increase of around 13%. There can be no denying that this is one of the least expensive methods to increase sales (of course, there is no guarantee that sales will increase via any method).

Don’t forget the safety factor

If all of this hasn’t been enough to convince you that these mats really do work, consider that they will also serve the dual purpose of making the shopping experience a little bit safer – both for customers and employees. This is because they provide a surface with ample grip, helping to lessen the likelihood of slips and trips in the store.

At the end of the day, you have a lot of options when it comes to how you spend your marketing budget. Using logo mats for in-store displays can be a fantastic way to increase sales without a lot of effort or expense on your behalf. At Bardwell Matting, we have a wide variety of products to choose from so you are sure to find a perfect match for your needs amongst our range.

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