What Makes The Best Rubber Kitchen Mats

26 February 2018 , posted by Kelvin Bardwell

Anyone who works in the hospitality industry will understand the pain that comes with being on your feet for long periods of time, plus standing on hard concrete floors. We have found that the best rubber kitchen mats are anti fatigue ones, as they have been known to reduce body stress and increase productivity whilst improving morale and efficiency around the workplace.

There are 7 reasons why this is the case, including:

1. Rubber is far more durable than foam options (which is the next most popular material). It doesn’t tear or rip like foam, plus they won’t lose any of their bounce. This is particularly important in hospitality, as there are knives and all sorts of sharp objects to contend with.

2. Mats that are made from rubber nitrile have excellent resistance to greases and oils, which can wreak havoc with other materials. This makes them especially useful at frying stations and any other area of the kitchen that is heavily exposed to fats and oils.

3. They are easy to clean. Simply use a mop or take them out the back and give them a hose down when they’re overly dirty. Water will have no adverse effects on the rubber, nor will most cleaning products (just be sure to test them on an inconspicuous area first).

4. Rubber kitchen mats will offer enhanced traction. Whilst comfort might be what you’re really shopping for, grip and traction are also really important for your employees – particularly in hospitality where spills can be a common occurrence.

5. Rubber is generally considered the best safety mat on the market. Even when wet, it offers excellent grip. These sorts of safety measures are incredibly important in hospitality – as we have already touched on, spills and other liquids can be common.

6. These days, some mats are even made from recycled rubber products, which is generally not the case with plastic products. If you are trying to be more eco friendly or have a green policy at your workplace that you need to follow, this is the ideal solution.

7. Finally, these mats are also relatively affordable. In the past, anti fatigue products have cost an arm and a leg, which many hospitality businesses were unable to afford. These days, however, the prices are far more affordable for everyone.

Some other things to consider when choosing the best rubber kitchen mats include choosing products that are designed for the area you will use them in (such as dry or wet areas) and using them correctly to avoid the occurrence of safety hazards. The good news is that there are plenty of anti fatigue mats to choose from, ensuring that we can help you find your perfect match.

If the wrong mats are chosen, this will almost always end up costing you more money in the long run. Not only might they degrade faster than expected (making the cost of replacement a factor), they could also present a safety issue (resulting in costly injury payouts and hospital bills). It’s not worth taking the risk, so ensure you make the right choice from the get go.

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