Make The First Impression Elegant With Entry Mats

17 May 2018 , posted by Kelvin Bardwell

There can be no denying that first impressions matter a lot. When it comes to your premises’ entrance, it matters even more – it is the first thing that potential clients, customers, partners and employees will encounter. Commercial entry mats can give your premises an appearance of class, which can help to create a positive and lasting impression on all of these people.

Here are a few things that attractive entry mats could do to create a great first impression for your business:

Clean, neat and attractive

A clean entrance creates a good first impression, so choosing the right mat can help your premises to appear neat and tidy. Not only will this make employees feel good about coming into work each morning, it will have a positive impression on any visitors. A shabby entrance, on the other hand, will not appear very welcoming at all.

Adds to your brand image

Keep in mind that your choice of mat will add to your brand image (that is, the way your brand appears to the outside world). It will add a sense of elegance that helps to uplift your image. If the entrance itself is not impressive, potential clients and customers may have second thoughts about your business and the way you operate.

Bad entrance = bad business

Let’s face it, a bad first impression could seriously cost you in terms of lost business. The quality of the mat is one factor that can influence the way people see you – an unkempt entrance with shabby flooring may leave clients or customers uneasy about the quality of your work and products or services. This could lead them to be sceptical.

Influences your staff

Coming to work each morning at a building that is not well maintained can be really demoralising for your employees. A professional looking mat can help you to transform your décor, adding more appeal to the overall look of your premises. One thing it definitely does is improve your employees’ morale and desire to come into work.

How to select an attractive mat?

There are a number of things that should be kept in mind when choosing the right entry mats for your premises. Choose one that isn’t too decorative or fancy. It should serve the purpose of keeping the entrance tidy, so ensure that it is easy to clean and wash (if necessary). You also have the option of choosing one that has your logo printed on it, which will further your brand image.

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