Rubber Matting – A Great Option for Home Gyms

15 June 2018 , posted by Kelvin Bardwell

So you’re lucky enough to have your own home gym! Now you need a flooring option that won’t damage the floor of your house, or your gym equipment. You also don’t want to get carpet burn if you have a fall, nor do you want the floor to be so hard that you hurt yourself. What you need is rubber matting! Designed to protect users and help them avoid injury, this is the perfect addition to any home gym! You just need to decide which option is right for you.

Grip Top Tiles

These tiles are a comfortable and durable non-slip surface, great for almost any application. Due to their interlocking pieces, they’re incredibly easy to install, you could do it yourself in a couple of minutes! You can easily configure it to any size, adding on more tiles if you get more gym equipment, and stacking it away if you need to repurpose your room.

Modular Matting

This matting is made from resilient rubber, designed to help prevent fatigue. If you love long gym sessions, then this is the option for you! It won’t contribute to lower back pain or leg fatigue. It’s also great for wheeling equipment on, due to its solid surface design, so you can wheel your benches all around the room. This is also super easy to pack away if need be.

Enviro Tiles

This matting is specifically designed for gym use – infact it’s been the top selling rubber gym tile for the last four years! Not only will it give you an attractive, non-slip (even when wet) surface for you to work out on, it’s also very affordable. The lightweight tiles are perfect for loose installation, eliminating adhesive and labour costs.

Comfort Floor Tiles

This looks like it’s been taken straight from your kindergarten classroom, and it’s the most comfortable option you could choose! With a thickness well over double your other choices (30mm), these tiles are designed to be both comfortable and durable. Despite their thickness, they are also impervious to spills, meaning you can knock over your pre-workout without having to worry about any lasting damage.

If you want a stylish home gym, with flooring used by professionals, then these are the options for you! Pick the rubber matting you think would be best suited to your home, or contact us for our expert opinions.

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