Non-Slip Mats – 8 Common Retail Areas Where They Are Needed

28 April 2017 , posted by Kelvin Bardwell

Every business owner wants to ensure that their workplace provides a safe environment for their employees, customers and potential clients. The addition of non-slip mats can provide excellent traction in accident-prone areas of the workplace. This is the first and most important step in preventing accidents that could result in serious injury and significant expenses for your business.

But what sorts of retail areas will benefit most from non-slip mats?

1. Kitchens

These days, most workplaces have a kitchen of some kind that is available for employee use. These spaces are prone to spills, which can create a slipping hazard if not cleaned up immediately. A rubber runner or drainage mat can actually eliminate such hazards.

2. Food Courts & Cafeterias

Anytime food and beverages leave the experienced hands of servers and move into the hands of patrons, there is an increased risk of spillage. Although spills will be promptly cleaned, a mat can ensure that the area still remains safe.

3. Serving Lines & Buffets

Let’s face it, we can all be clumsy at times. In high-traffic areas where patrons serve themselves, such as serving lines and buffets, spills can and do happen. The addition of mats can ensure the area is safe and keep lines moving even when a spill has occurred.

4. Laundry Rooms & Laundromats

These sorts of areas experience all sorts of mishaps – machines might malfunction and people might spill detergents. Rubber and drainage mats are perfect here, as they provide a non-slip surface and let water drain off safely.

5. Dishwashers & Sinks

Any place where water is almost constantly running is prone to slipping hazards. The right sort of mats can eliminate these hazards by allowing water to drain off and providing plenty of grip underfoot (even when a little damp).

6. Drinking Fountains & Beverage Dispensers

Water is not the only issue – any sort of beverage (from coffee to soft drink) can create a slipping hazard if spilt. On top of this they can be sticky, which is never pleasant to step in. Drainage mats can help to keep surfaces clean.

7. Soap Dispensers

Remember that people usually use soap dispensers whilst their hands are wet, so water could drip onto the ground. Placing these mats down at sinks can ensure that people have plenty of grip underfoot, even better if it can drain off.

8. Building Entrances

These are one of the few areas that are subject to messes, cleaning and are exposed to the elements. Weather, like rain and snow, can lead to moisture on the ground that becomes slippery. Non-slip rubber mats can easily alleviate these issues.

As you can see, there are a number of areas around retail workplaces that could see potential slipping hazards. The addition of non-slip mats to these areas can help to prevent the occurrence of accidents in and around your business, ensuring the safety of employees and visitors alike. Even better if you opt for a drainage solution that allows liquids to be absorbed into the mat.

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