Bardwell Safety Matting
Matting Specialists - Domestic Commercial & Industrial
Matting Specialists - Domestic Commercial & Industrial

Welcome to the Bardwell Safety Matting Melbourne

Melbourne matting company Bardwell Safety Matting was established in 1990. We distribute Entrance Mats, Anti-fatigue Matting, Non-slip Mats, and Safety Mat products to a diverse customer base in Australia.

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Anti Fatigue Matting ( Wet & Dry )

Entrance Mats & Runners

Anti-Fatigue Matting | Dry Area Matting Factory, Warehouse
Retail Shops
Work benches & Production Lines
Hotels, Pubs & Bars
Kitchens & Resteraunts
Food Industry
Hospitals, Laboratories
Construction, Automative Industry
Entrance Matting | Runner Matting Shopping Centres & Retail Shops
Schools, Offices & Public Buildings
Hotels & Appartment Foyers
Hospitals and Medical Suites
Airports and Bus Terminals
Heavy Traffic Walkways
Recesses & Mat Wells
Scraping Mats

Wet Area Matting

Non Slip Matting

Wet Area Matting Change Rooms
Pools, Sauna & Spa
Kitchens & Bars
Car Wash,
Spray Booths
Boats, Marines & Fishing
Pet Grooming Baths
Non Slip Matting Slippery Floors, Ramps & Steps
Art Rooms & Spray Booths
Factory Platforms & Steel Grating
Commercial Kitchens, Fridges & Freezers
Airport, Customs & Shipping Containers
Shipping Docks, Boating & Marine Industry
Ski Resorts

Logo Mats - Message Mats

Playground - Gym Matting

Logo Mats | Message Mats Retails Shops
Hotels, Office & Apartments
Sporting Clubs
Corperate Branding, Advertising & Promotions
Trade Shows, Expos & Conventions
Saftey Message Mats & Welcome Mats
Playground Matting | Gym Matting Leisure Centres, Gymnasiums & Martial Arts
School Playgrounds & Multi Purpose Rooms
Kindergartens & Childcare Centres
Mezzanine Floors
Golf Course & Pathways
Marine Wharfes
Garages & Home Gyms, Kids Play Areas

Grease Proof - Chemical Resistant Matting

Anti - Static Matting

Grease Proof Matting | Chemical Resistant Matting Kitchens, Delicatessan & Butchers
Food Industry
Automotive Industry
Manufacturing & Engineering
Printing & Textiles
Chemical Laboratories
Anti-Static Mats Electrical Insulation
Static Electricity Build up
Electric Shock Dissipation
Swithboards & High Voltage Equiptment Areas
High Tech Machinery
Computer Rooms & Offices
Conductive & Non-Conductive Matting

Special Purpose Matting

Matting Accesories

Special Purpose Matting Chair Mats & Logo Chair Mats
Ramps, Wedges & Wheel Chair Matting
Ute, Van & Truck Mats
Welding Mats & Anti-Flamable Matting
Hygenic Sterile Matting, Boot Dip Mat
Pet Matting - Dog Wash & Horse Float Matting
Anti-Vibration Matting, Roof Top Matting
Matting Accessories Stair Nosings, Cable Protectors, Ladder Gripps
Aluminium Angle Frames
Bullnose Edging & Diminishing Strips
Matting Underlays
Recycled Tyre Products
Eco Friendly Products
Speed Humps, Curbing & Spill Barriers

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