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04 October 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Workplace safety is something that no one can afford to overlook. Unsafe floor conditions and lack of awareness of risks and hazards are key factors that lead to slip, trip and fall accidents.
04 September 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
This is particularly important in the workplace, as you need to ensure the wellbeing of your employees as well as that of any visitors that you may have.
03 August 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Creating the best possible space for your employees is a must for ensuring their health and wellbeing in the workplace. Industrial mats can be incredibly useful for this.
20 June 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Whether you’re in need of anti slip mats for your commercial kitchen or entrance mats to welcome customers to your premises, ensuring that you’ve partnered with the best possible supplier is a must for high quality, enduring products. The good news is that the team at Bardwell Safety Matting can help.
23 May 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
These days, the rubber used in recycled rubber flooring sometimes comes from tires. As tires contain a number of potentially dangerous chemicals, this has a lot of people concerned about whether such flooring is safe for healthy living (either in the home or workplace).
28 April 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Every business owner wants to ensure that their workplace provides a safe environment for their employees, customers and potential clients.
06 March 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Each year, billions of dollars is lost as a result of worker pain. One of the major culprits? Standing. Back pain, leg pain and foot pain can all result from spending a lot of the workday on your feet.
09 February 2017, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
There are a number of reasons to invest in floor mats for offices – they help to protect your floors from damage caused by chairs and other furniture, which avoids the need to pay for repairs and increases its lifetime.
22 December 2016, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Have you ever considered that a well-designed and high quality floor logo mat could be a fantastic asset for enhancing any type of retail store or display?
23 November 2016, posted by Kelvin Bardwell
Let’s face it – owning or operating a business is a tough job. There are always customers or clients to please, meetings to attend, quotas to meet and premises to keep clean and tidy.